CMB Luxury Blender

This egg shaped luxury blender has a high-density, soft-touch material that deposits just the right amount of product, promoting a streak-free application with minimal waste. Used to apply, blend, sculpt and highlight, this innovative tool makes achieving a seamlessly even coverage and flawless finish effortless.


It’s rounded bottom is ideal for applying your base as well as cream contours while the precision pointed tip is perfect for under eye concealer as well as for easy access to hard to reach areas like the corners of the nose and of course perfect for setting those same areas with your translucent powder,under eye concealer and hard to reach areas. Makeup would not be complete without setting and this blender works its magic when used with translucent powder to create that finished look.


  • Soft luxury blender to help achieve flawless makeup application
  • Expands almost double the size when wet
  • Wet sponge to expand and squeeze out excess water.
  • Can be used to apply liquid, cream or powder products.


For best results, wash after every use with soap and warm water
Squeeze excess water gently to avoid damaging and let air dry
It's recommended that you replace your Luxury Blender every 3 months.

CMB Luxury Blender